BSA Magazines Red for .22 and Blue for .177

BSA Magazines Red for .22 and Blue for .177
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BSA Magazines Red for .22 and Blue for .177

The new BSA magazine which will now fit all BSA multishot rifles. These magazines have been extensively field and have performed faultlessly. The new magazines have coloured coded rotors, blue for .177. Red for .22 calibre, and feature a totally self contained indexing system. This has a number of advantages. It removes the need for the trigger to be involved in the indexing, leaving it free to fulfil its prime function, It greatly enhances the reliability of the magazine and allows it to operate smoothly time after time. Rotors are numbered to indicate how many shots remain. The new style magazines will work in old rifles as well as new build, including the Goldstar. Rather than using the“tic-toc” escapement mechanism of the old BSA magazine, the new magazines are freewheeling and employ an integral pellet stop. This prevents a loaded chamber from rotating beyond its alignment with the barrel, until the shooter cycles the bolt and smoothly loads the pellet into the breach. As a consequence of this the rota is able to “freewheel” and will return to chamber number 1 when wound round and then released. To load the magazine you simply insert a pellet into chamber 1 ensuring the skirt is pushed below the top plate, rotate the rotor to the next chamber and insert the second pellet. Repeat until the magazine is full. As with many magazine fed rifles, once the loaded magazine is in the gun the bolt should only be cycled once between shots, cycling the bolt more than once will simply introduce additional pellets into the barrel and may result in damage to the gun

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