GUNGUARD is a unique policy to cater for all Shooting Enthusiasts.

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Standard Household Insurance contains significant restrictions in cover, especially when items are taken out of the home. More specifically most standard policies will NOT cover your guns whilst actually in use. As well as this there are typically limits relating to valuables. No insurance policy ever written covers everything. However we believe that our scope of cover is amongst the widest:

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What is covered?

  • Our policy provides specialist cover for all of your sporting guns (shotguns, rifles and airguns) and accessories (scopes/rangefinders/spotting scopes, gunslips etc.) anywhere in the World except the USA / Canada, up to the sum insured selected.
  • Our policy will cover you at home, on the range, at the clay ground, rough shooting, field target, at Game Fairs – in fact during all of your sporting shooting activities.
  • As well as this you can select further personal Personal Liability cover for your shooting activities if required - with a printable 'certificate' that you can use to show cover.
  • Repair or replacement in the event of a loss at your local / normal Registered Firearms Dealer.
  • Low excess - £25
  • Payment is by 0% monthly Interest Free Direct Debit instalments with no deposit.
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Small Print - what is not covered?

  • Wear tear and depreciation of clothing and footwear
  • Failure at Proof House
  • Binoculars or night vision equipment
  • Damage whilst being repaired
  • Confiscation by government bodies
  • Business or professional use of guns

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Under Insurance:

Please ensure that you select a sum insured that represents the overall value of all of your guns and shooting accessories - if you only have half the cover you need you will only be paid half of your claim.

Customer Care

We will try to be fair in all of our dealings. If our service falls below the standard you expect, you should contact us or Hiscox.

If you ever have a complaint we cannot resolve to your satisfaction, you may refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service, an independent arbitrator, without affecting your legal rights.

For further information please ask for a copy of our leaflet 'A guide to our complaints procedure'.

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The law applicable to this contract.


This policy is governed by English law.

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