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Hammerli The company - Innovations since 1863

Sports shooting, and in particular precision target shooting, is in the blood of the Swiss. It's not only sporting competition, but also cultural aspects, that have merged since the Middle Ages into a strong tradition in Switzerland. Sporting gun technology has also evolved intensively with it.

Since the late 19th century, one Swiss name has been conspicuous in international shooting sport:

Inspired by its successful work for the Swiss army, the company founded by the Hämmerli family devoted its workmanship, its experience and its engineering skills to making Swiss marksmen world-famous.

In 1897, the Swiss won the first World Shooting Championships using Hämmerli guns. For the World Championships in 1925, Hämmerli equipped the Swiss team with the Martini 300 m match carbine specially designed for them. That year and in the following years, the Swiss team forged ahead of the USA, the previous world champions. In 1929, the US team too used the Hämmerli carbine. That started a neck-and-neck race, with the Swiss winning first and at last the Americans again in 1930. That laid the foundations for the permanent international presence of Hämmerli

Hämmerli AP20

Hämmerli AP20

Hammerli AP20 Air Pistols AP20 Hammerli Air Guns! Hämmerli sporting arms are known for their functi..

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Hammerli Firehornet Pistol

Hammerli Firehornet Pistol

Hammerli Firehornet PistolThe Hämmerli Firehornet is the ideal air pistol for beginners. The classic..

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