Impact Airguns

Impact Airguns

Impact Airguns were Born from the ashes of the old Theoben factory

Chris Whistler is the brain child and managing director of Selective Industries and has been in the firearms business for 18yrs. He has always wanted to manufacture air guns, so he seized the chance when a potential deal was put on the table to secure the factory at Sutton near Cambridge. His vision is to is to drive Impact Airguns to the top and make them a world leading brand for airgun manufacture.

Impact Airguns are based at the World famous Theoben UK factory, and manufacture airguns based around the Theoben rifles as well as new models. They are also able to service and repair Theoben rifles and provide a full range of spares for them. To keep the continuity going between the Theoben factory and Impact Airguns have employed some of the key staff that made the rifles what they are today. At the factory they have also implemented some changes which they felt were critical to improve quality control and the upmost customer care. The latter is what they focus on most of all. Impact Airguns want’s all their customers who buy any of their products to have a great customer experience, from the moment their new rifle is delivered to the moment they squeeze the trigger.

A few reasons why owning an Impact Airgun is the best choice:

One of the few remaining truly British air rifle manufacturers

Exceptional customer care

Pin point accuracy

Excellent English craftsmanship

10 year warranty New design techniques using 3D modelling Try before you buy at the factory range

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