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Team Building Activities - Clay Pigeon Shooting - Total Wipeout - Archery - Motorised Activities
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Solware can now offer the following Team Building Days, so wether its just to boost employee moral or to have a fun day for your staff its all available.

The site where most of the activities take part also has 3 Fishing Pools & Camping Facilites with Toilets and Showers along with an Indian Restaurant so you can even stay over night.
We can take bookings for small to large parties to cater for most peoples budget, you can also select one event or a range of them, the events can be arranged for 1 or 2 days if required.

Corporate Event Team Building Ideas
We understand the detail required to organise your stag or hen party, and you may require all the help you can get. That’s what we are here for. We can cater to all of our stag and hen’s individual requirements, whether it be an action packed day or simply a pamper afternoon.
There is also have a Grade II listed Georgian house, where stags and hens can take time to relax and freshen up before continuing their celebrations, which could include “clubbing” in nearby Birmingham, or even a Murder mystery evening held in Blackgreaves farm itself.

Corporate Team Building Events

Fun Moral Building Corportae Event DaysClay Pigeon Shooting Experience for Company Boosting ActivityOff Roading Fun Days for stag & hens or business corporate events
Our Team Building events range from simple bonding exercises to complex simulations and multi-day Team Building retreats. Whether indoor or outdoor, the focus is to bring out the best in a team to ensure self-development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together to problem solve.
We offer a wide range of individual team building exercises to choose from. As part of our Tailor-Made Service, we will advise on what works well together, and if there’s something unusual you’ve seen elsewhere, we’ll do our best to source it for you.

Most Popular
Clay Pigeon Shooting, the Ultimate Wipeout & the various Motorised activities are possibly the most popular and fun, however with a wide range of activities that require you to use you intelgence we have something for eveyone!

Team Challenges Improve team bonding with Boot Camp; get everyone ‘onto the same page’ with Paint Works and our Samba styled Beat It. Or if it’s all about identifying and utilizing team members’ strengths, we’d recommend a Treasure Quest or a good old Boot Camp challenge. Tasks are undertaken indoors or outdoors, on land or in the air!

Boot Camp
With over 50 tasks to choose from: outdoor and indoor, physical and cerebral, (and some just downright ridiculous), there’ll be something to suit each team member’s ability. There’s little time to consider who’s a ‘Leader’ or ‘Completer Finisher’; Block It is about the team working smart, with individuals being bold enough to volunteer for any given tasks.
Clay Pigeon Shooting - Come along and break some Clay Pigeons for a fun for all day, all equipment etc supplied.
Clay Shooting a Shotgun Experience - More Info
Total Wipeout - Ultimate Wipeout is the one and only land based, fully inflatable Wipeout course in the UK
Total Wipeout Experience - More Info
Motorised Activities - We can offer a wide range of driving experiences such as Quad Bikes, HoverCrafts Rage Buggies and many more.
Motorised Driving Experiences - More Info
Archery - Try your hand at Shooting a LongBow of which require a keen eye and a steady hand.
Archery - Bow & Arrow / Crossbows - More Info
There is also a Caravan & Camping area on site with Toilets and Showers along with an Indian Restaurant so staying over is also an option.

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