Eley Cartridges

Eley Shotgun Cartridge Price List March 2023

Eley Cartridges

Component Technology Eley pride ourselves in producing a range of exclusive powders combined with high quality primers thus ensuring total quality control from the start of the cartridge-making process right through to the finished product. Eley Hawk's long history in cartridge manufacturing allows us the confidence to test new powder mixes and hone each to a perfect blend, ensuring high velocity shots with low recoil. No other company has as much experience as us in this field. Combine this expertise with total quality control over component parts, and you can see why Eley Hawk has been pioneering the way for cartridge manufacturing for almost two centuries. Our two main watchwords are quality and consistency. Solware Ltd Solware Ltd VAT 20%

ELEY Cartridge Price List 0ctober 2023

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