ATN 1000m Laser Rangefinder with Bluetooth

ATN 1000m Laser Rangefinder with Bluetooth
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ATN 1000 meter Laser Rangefinder with Bluetooth

Laser Rangefinder 1000m, Bluetooth, Ballistic Calculator

With Smart HD-Optics revolutionizing the rifle scope, it's time for a rangefinder that can keep up. Introducing the Laserballistics 1000 Digital Rangefinder, the first rangefinder that's made to connect with your phone, your Smart HD-Optics, and even with your traditional rifle scopes. With the Laserballistics series of Digital Rangefinders, nothing is out of your reach.

The rangefinder has an effective range up to 1,000 yards (depends of the model), and after being connected with your phone and Smart-HD scope, can adjust the reticle in only five seconds. For traditional scopes, this rangefinder offers an innovative and user friendly approach. Connecting the rangefinder with your phone shows you exactly by how much you need to adjust your scope on your gun. The Laserballistics Rangefinder is one of the most affordable laser rangefinders available, features the most advanced optics and laser technologies, and transforms the marketplace by introducing 21st century connectivity to Rangefinders.

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