Beretta BRX1 Rifles

Beretta BRX1 Rifles
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Beretta BRX1 Rifles

Beretta launch the BRX1 linear bolt action rifle. 

This is the first Hunting Centrefire rifle for Beretta. Not only is it a first but also phenomenal value. It is also ambidextrous, meaning it can be changed to shoot left/right hand and also left/right hand extraction plus has the ability to be a multi-calibre rifle with the change of the barrel, bolt head and magazine.


This rifle has been designed with the European driven boar/game ,in mind and as such, most of the initial codes and rifles produced will be European style calibres and specifications.  We have the following calibres and specs listed below and more information will follow as we hear it;  The barrel measurements is the overall length including the chambered round.

Code                   Calibre                Specification                                                 Delivery

74000R               .308                     22.5” Blue MT14x1                                     November 2021

74000Q               .30-06                 22.5” Blue MT 14x1                                    Early 2022

7400FCM            6.5 Crdmr           24.5” Blue MT 14x1                                    Mid 2022

74000P                .300 WM            24.5” Blue MT 14x1                                    Special order only


74002R               .308                     20” Blue MT 14x1                                        Early 2022

74002H               .243                     20” Blue MT 14x1                                        TBC

74002Q               .30-06                 20” Blue MT 14x1                                        December 2021

74002FCM          6.5 Crdmr           22.5” Blue MT 14x 1                                   TBC

.270                     TBC

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