Eagle Vision Sigma M31 Sound Moderator Silencer

Eagle Vision Sigma M31 Sound Moderator Silencer
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Eagle Vision Sigma M31 Sound Moderator Silencer

SIGMA-M31 Sound Moderator Interchangeable Caliber L183mm D41mm

EagleVision M31 Silencer Sound Moderator

Our multi-caliber sound moderator system can be used with different air rifles and various calibers.

The interchangeable internal liner can be swapped with another caliber liner without opening the moderator, with the tools provided.

There are no moving parts, all components are secured with ‘O’ rings to improve accuracy, limit vibration and avoid pellet clipping.

All parts are manufactured by CNC; Some internal parts have tolerance of + or – 0.02.

All our liners can be used with future Eagle Vision sound moderator models.

The caliber specific liner reduces the sound level to a minimum.

The space between the first and the second tube is pre-wrapped with ballistic fiber felt to reduce the sound report.

Also comes with an interchangeable end cap 1/2 UNF, M14X125, M18, M20.

Available caliber liners: .177, .22, .25

(Use without liner for 30 and 35 calibers).

Can be used with liner or Air Stripper caliber adaptors, .177, .22, .25, .30

It can be used with different calibers up to 9mm by removing the liner.

Each moderator serial number is laser printed.

Product specifications:

  • Length: 181mm
  • diameter: 31mm
  • Weight: 124g
  • End Threads size: M23X1
  • Front threads: M15x.06
  • Moderator materiel: aluminium anodised black
  • Liner: materiel – aluminium anodised black
  • End connection materiel: aluminium anodised black
  • Air striper caliber adaptor Materiel: stainless steel


1x Sound Moderator

1x .177 Liner (8x spare o-rings) 14g

1x .22 Liner (8x spare o-rings) 13g

1x .25 Liner (8x spare o-rings) 12g

End adaptor of your choice from options:( MBA-1/2 UNF X 20 weight 17g), (MBA-M14X1.25 weight 14g), (MBA-M18 weight: 9g), (MBA-M20 weight: 7grm)

1x Tool

1x Storage Case

1x O-ring silicone grease

1x soft protection pouch

1x Waterproof case

1x pack of grub screws, Allen key, o-rings.

Please note:

Before inserting the liner, you must carefully grease both O-rings located on each end.

Carefully push the liner in, gently twisting it left and right, as it continues to the end.

When removing the liner, and to avoid the breaking the O-rings, gently repeat the same alternating twisting procedure.

Each Air Stripper Caliber adaptor or end adaptor includes 2x stainless steel tool bar.

There will be many new moderator models, in various dimensions, coming soon; all will work with the same accessories.

All of them will have a changeable end connection, to 1/2” UNF X 20, M14x1.25, M18, M20

All will work with our liners and air striper caliber adaptor.

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