Aimsport Triton 50S 11 Moderator

Aimsport Triton 50S 11 Moderator
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Aimsport Triton 50s 11 Moderator

Triton 50s 2  for 5.7mm 6.7mm 7.7mm 8.6mm 9.3mm rifles

Triton 50S II Silencer

TRITON 50S II is our smoothest and most effective damper in diameter 50mm!

This is the choice for those who want to minimize mop, recoil and orifice flame and still have TRITON's advantages with extreme durability and moderate weight. The TRITON 50S II has extremely good "first shot" cushioning which provides extra secure protection against hearing damage.

Fits extra well for those who are a pass-shooter / hunter or who hunt with the more powerful calibers, such as various Magnum calibers, where the TRITON 50S II delivers a shooting sensation that must be experienced!

Calibrate:   5.7 - 6.7 - 7.7 - 8.6 - 9.5 mm

Threads:    ½''x20 UNF, ½''x28 UNEF, 13x1, 14x1, 14x1 Spigot, 14x1.5, 15x1, 15x1 Spigot, 5 / 8x18, 5 / 8x24, 16x1, 17x1, 18x1, etc.

Total length:   261 mm

Extends the weapon: 152 mm

Diameter:   49 mm

Max pipe diameter: 23.5 mm

Weight:   495 g


Internal components - Stainless steel,

Exterior components - Aluminum with Soft-Touch surface

Sound level at ear: 129dB (30-06)

Warranty:    5 years Made in Sweden

Miscellaneous:   TRITON 50S II is suitable from 308Win up to 300Win Mag and the like. For the most powerful calibers like the .338 Lapua Magnum, .378 Weatherby Magnum etc. we recommend the TRITON 56S II


License-free Regulator fronts for TRITON 50S II for replacement to other calibers.

License-free Regulator Fronts for TRITON 50 II for replacement to other calibers and / or to rebuild the damper for a TRITON 50 II


Thread protection

Thread paste

 Aimsport Triton 50s II Moderator

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Aim Sport Triton 50s 2 Moderator SIlencer

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