Vorsk EU8 Tactical Pistol - Purple 6mm

Vorsk EU8 Tactical Pistol - Purple 6mm
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Vorsk EU8 Tactical Pistol - Purple 6mm

EU8 Tactical Pistol - Purple 6mm

Length (mm)220

Weight (g)510

Fire ModesSemi/Full Auto

Barrel Length (mm)90

Barrel Bore (mm)6.03

Rails 20mm Frame Rail

Feet Per Second 290 - (VORSK V6, 0.20g BB at 20°c)

310 - (VORSK V8, 0.20g BB at 20°c)

Main Materials Frame - HIPS Polymer

Slide - Aluminium Alloy

Internal Mechanisms - Steel, Brass & Aluminium Alloy

Feed Lips/ Nozzles - Polymer

Included (x1) VORSK EU7-T Replica

(x1) EU Series 23R STD GAS Magazine

(x1) 12mm (CW) to 14mm (CCW) Thread Adaptor Flash Hider (Fitted)

(x2) Grip Back Straps

(x1) Spare Gas Nozzle

(x1) Spare O-Ring Set

(x1) Manual

(x1) Parts Diagram

(x1) PVC Patch

Compatible Magazines VGM-01-01 - EU Series 23R STD GAS Magazine

VGM-01-03 - EU Series 23R STD CO2 Magazine

VGM-01-02 - EU Series 48R EXT GAS Magazine

Compatible Batteries / Gas VCP-GAS-V6 - V6 GBB Fuel

VCP-GAS-V8 - V8 GBB Fuel

Other Info/Specs CNC Finished Slide

Hydrostatic Paint Finish

TM/WE Compatible

 In keeping with VORSKs desire to offer genuine alternatives to their customers – they have taken the popular EU Series and spun a “Tactical” offering as well as an eye-catching “Vented” option.

Fibreoptic Sights / BDS Option

Reduced Weight Slide (VENTED)

Flared Magwell

Extended Magazine Baseplate

Fluted Outer Barrel

Semi (EU17) or Fully Automatic (EU18)

With both EU7 (Semi ONLY) and EU8 (Semi/ Fully Automatic) available, with or without DOT SIGHTs fitted, a TACTICAL or VENTED Slide and 8 colour finishes, there are plenty of EU Series models to choose from.

All models are enhanced with design choices not found on standard EU series replicas. Raised fibreoptic iron sights improve target acquisition, VORSKs high-stipple polymer pistol grip ensures a firm grip on those wet & windy days, further improved by the flared magwell. The notch in the magwell flare along with extended magazine baseplates improve reload speeds and finally all models come fitted with a 12 mm CW to 14 mm CCW thread adapter hidden underneath a barrel flash hider/ cover.


The TACTICAL option features a full-weight Aluminium Alloy Slide that features deep-groove ridge cuts on the forward & rear slide sections to help improve slide grip when racking your first BB. Colour choices are more reserved for the TACTICAL options, with all of the furniture & frame remaining black when choosing different slide colours (excluding GOLD & CHROME that have their furniture in the same colour as the slide).


The VENTED slides distinctive forward vent ports give this EU platform its unique look. These “windows” look unto the fluted outer-barrel that is generally an alternative colour to the slide providing a truly different & eye-catching look. The vent ports also result in some slide weight-reduction which enhances the shooting experience as the recoil cycle is both faster & more “snappy” when compared to standard EU series GBB replicas. As mentioned above, the fluted outer barrel is often a chrome finish, along with the rest of the pistols frame mounted furniture that often results in a “triple-coloured” replica (eg. Tan, Black & Chrome) with some exceptions.

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