VFG Super Intensive Barrel Cleaning Felts for 22 - 5.5mm

VFG Super Intensive Barrel Cleaning Felts for 22 - 5.5mm
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VFG Super Intensive Barrel Cleaning Felts for 22 - 5.5mm

VFG Barrel Super Intensive Cleaning Felts for .22
VFG Code: (66817) 331999

These small felt screw-on pellets, which are calibre specific are used with the VFG Cleaning Rod to clean your barrel. The felts screw onto the cleaning rod tip and then passed down the barrel to give a smooth and effective clean. The super intensive felt wads are embedded with aggressive/coarse phosphor bronze fibres for proper cleaning that will not damage a steel airgun barrel

The .22 felts are recommended for the following calibres: .22 lfb, .22 kurz, .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, .222 Rem., .223, .224, 5,6.

Supplied as small box containing: 80 super intensive felt screw-on pellets

VFG Intensive Cleaning Instructions for Use:
1. Take Adapter and screw this onto VFG Cleaning rod No. 66889 (900 mm Long).
2. Screw a VFG felt cleaner onto the coarse thread of the adapter.
3. Place a second VFG felt cleaner onto the metric thread (used together a screw for the cleaning of shotguns)
4. Push the adapter with the two felts carefully through the barrel from the breech end and out of the muzzle. The special felts compress into the rifling and follow it exactly. The forward pellet removes the fouling out of the muzzle and by pulling back the rod, the dirty pellet drops off the metric thread, leaving the screwed pellet to polish the barrel by pushing the rod backwards and forwards.
5. If the barrel is to be oiled, screw VFG Rifle Cleaner onto the adapter, soak this thoroughly with weapon oil (Ballistol or Ustanol) and repeatedly move it back and forth in the barrel.
6. To remove the oil repeat steps 1 - 4.
7. In order to remove rubbed off metal, please use Super Intensive Cleaners.

Make sure that the barrel of your weapon is free after each cleaning operation.

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