Vario Novo In Ear Protection Enhanced

Vario Novo In Ear Protection Enhanced
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Vario Novo In Ear Protection Enhanced

Vario Novo Enhanced Hearables

Created to provide a simple option for those who need no frills electronic enhancement. The Novos’ simple, sleek design makes them easy to fit, use and comfortable to wear, whilst providing impulse protection against gunshot and without compromising your situational awareness.

Available in two models - Novo Natural and Novo Enhanced. The Novo Natural effectively gives you a talk through
sound level, very close to your normal hearing. Loved by rifle shooters and clay shooters alike. The Novo Enhanced provides a ramped up sound level allowing you to hear much more than you would normally be able to. In many situations this is advantageous. Both models instantaneously suppress gunshot to a safe level.

simplicity, No fiddling with buttons - close the battery door to turn them on, open it to turn them on.
Comfort is key - Every ear is unique, which is why we supply a selection of slow-release memory foam and soft-touch silicone ear tips in a range of sizes. The perfect fit will give you crucial attenuation and conform to the contours of your ears so well, you’ll forget they’re there.

Easy maintenance - Earwax is a very common problem, particularly in environments exposed to contaminants or dust. Replaceable wax filters protect the Novos from a buildup of cerumen which can dramatically reduce efficacy. Twist them out with the tool provided and push in new ones whenever they get clogged up.

In the box:
2 x Novo modules
1 x Vario storage case
12 x Universal fit eartips (small, medium
and large in foam and silicone)
1 x Eartip storage case
6 x Size 10 PowerOne batteries
1 x Wax filter kit including 4 extra wax
filter guards
1 x Black lanyard
1 x User guide
1 x Warranty card

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