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The STEYR LP50 BLACK is the ideal competition air pistol for all air pistol disciplines and a perfect training pistol for all semi-auto pistol disciplines.

STEYR LP50 BLACK - The basis of the STEYR air pistol range offers all the features of the appreciated, preeminent quality of STEYR: nickel-plated barrels, anodized surfaces and a legendary precision! Steyr's LP50 is the ideal competition air pistol for all air pistol disciplines and a perfect training pistol for all semi-auto pistol disciplines.

· Purpose: rapid fire semi-auto pellet pistol · Power: compressed air · Caliber: 4.5mm/.177 · Length/Height/Width: 398 / 148 / 50mm · Weight: 1050g (without barrel weights) · Sight radius: adjustable from 307 - 350mm · Front sight: moveable front sight, width 4.5mm · Rear sight: rear sight width adjustable from 2 to 7mm · Trigger weight: 200-600g or optional 400-1400g. Trigger adjustments: first stage, trigger-stop and trigger weight · Trigger blade: adjustable in length by 8mm, can be angled up to 30 deg. To ensure the minimum amount of recoil your LP50 was designed so that the striker and slide equalise against each other. With the additional patented Steyr compensator and the ported barrel a steady and unerring shot is guaranteed. The compressed air cylinder comes with an integral manometer which allows you an easy check on your remaining shots. Our trigger system is one of the most advanced systems. Your LP50 is delivered with a trigger weight dajustable from 200-600g. In addition we also offer a second trigger system for the training of the disciplines of "sport pistol" and "standard pistol" with a trigger weight from 400-1400g. Both trigger systems can be adjusted for the ISSF Competition "air pistol" to 500g. No matter which discipline you choose, you can always have the best trigger system. The grip can be turned on the action in all directions giving you optimised grip adjustments with the ideal finger position to the trigger. Shooters around the world have flocked to the Steyr for this reason. No cutting, filing, or grinding is required on the frame to get that perfect grip position. Grips are available in the following sizes: Large, Medium, Small (for right handed shooters) and Medium and Small (for left handed shooters). The sight radius can be adjusted infinitely between 307-350mm. A longer sight length offers advantages at the ISSF discipline "air pistol" but can be shortenedto better practice other disciplines. The width os the rear sight can be adjusted from 2 to 7mm - also the depth of the rear sight can be continuously adjusted. Steyr barrels have a worldwide reputation for their precision and quality. Additionally all barrels are nickel plated to offer the best protection against corrosion. All aluminium parts are anodised to give you the best surface protection. Your Steyr pistol will be a beautiful companion to you for many years. Your LP50 is delivered in a fitted Steyr plastic case, with one spare compressed air cylinder, four barrell weights, two five shot magazines, tools and filling adapter.You now have the ideal foundation for your future success

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