Zbroia Hortitsia Black MK2 PCP Air Rifle Pellet Gun

Zbroia Hortitsia Black MK2 PCP Air Rifle Pellet Gun
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The Hortitsia Black MK2 Stock PCP Air Rifle from Zbroia.

  • Model “Hortitsia is made by ZBROIA Company since October 2015 in Kharkov, Ukraine. It is refer to PCP Pre-charged air gun. It is made in classic variant with stock Monte-Carlo. The main criteria during designing of air gun were Accuracy, Quality, Reliability and Ergonomics.

    The air gun is made in caliber 4,5 and 5,5 mm (.177’ & .22’). Also there are two standard barrels and reservoir of high pressure: 330 mm / 180 sm3 and 450 mm / 220 sm3. Weight of air gun is accordingly - 3,0 and 3,1 kg, length – 890 and 1010 mm.

    Steel barrels of own production has 12 grooves. Is reworked compact and light sound moderator of barrel, now it integrates with cover of barrel and very effective of silencing. Construction and technology of production of air gun allows getting stable accuracy of shots. C-T-C of our PCP on distance 30 meter is less 20 mm.

    The reservoir of high pressure was designed by company specialists together with profile Research Institute. Work pressure of reservoir which is shown on monometer WIKA is 300 Ba, testing during producing – 495 Ba.

    Distinctive feature of reservoir is built-in high accuracy reducer, which allowed supporting given shot’s velocity with accuracy up to 1 %. Besides reducer provide with optimal consumption of compressed air. That is why full filling of reservoir is enough on more then 100 shots of caliber 177’ or 60 shots of caliber 22’.

    The reservoir is quick-detachable, un-installation and installation of reservoir is made by twisting. Mount Picattinni length 160 mm, hard and accuracy conjugate with body of air gun, allows convenient putting of any optic scope.

    PCP “Hortitsia” is completed by two magazine of chamber type, capacity of magazine is 12 (.177') or 10 (.22’) bullet.

    Next innovative elaboration for PCP Hortitsia is using hammer firing pin, which allows making rammer of type of the sliding bolt with original bottom of fixation. As a result, was made mechanism of overcharging with less trigger pull and less way of rammer. It is allows to make overcharging of air gun not looking up of aim.

    Regulated trigger is made from high strong steel, and is made in there own body like detachable module. The safety protects from accident shots, the lever of safety is near of trigger. The way of trigger and trigger pull is regulated. For making regulation you need to unscrew two screw, and take off body trigger.

    Reliability of work of mechanism of air gun is provide by using quality details of best European manufacture such as spring, rings, monometer. Materials of metal details are from Austria.

    Classic model of PCP “Hortitsiaallows convenient putting, aiming and quick overcharging air gun during running shots. Comfortable using is providing with convenient place of safety and filling port, hiding under cap of monometer. The set include two fitting – adapter for filling reservoir with filling station or pump: screw-thread and quick-detachable quick fitting.

    And final, “Hortitsia” is produced in two colors – to be everyone happy!! Besides classic there is black color.

    During the time of production of air gun the combination of price and quality provide with excellent reviews of customers and stable market. The Company Zbroia is guaranty trouble free exploitation of air gun no less 10 000 shots. Guaranty time of exploitation is 24 month.

Name specifications Value
Manufacturer country Ukraine
Caliber 4,5 ; 5,5 mm (.177 & .22)
Barrel length 330; 450 mm
Energy of shuting 22,5 J ; 30 J ; 44 J
Velocity of bullet due to weight 280 ± 40 m/s
Dimensions W x L x H 890 ; 1010/50/186 mm
Weight 3,0 ; 3,1 kG
Magazine capacity 12 ; 10 bullets
Barrel (characteristics) Steel, 12 grooves
Value of reservoir 180 sm3 ; 220 sm3
Work pressure 30 MPa (300 kgs/sm3)
Diameter of filling port 6 mm
Stock Wood, Type Monte-Carlo
Trigger pull (regulated) 1,1+11(0,1+1,1)H
Way of trigger, regulated 1-4,0 ± 0,3 mm
Quantities of shots with full reservoir, no less 100 ; 60
C-T-C on distance of 30 m, no less 20 mm

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