Shu Recoil Pad

Shu Recoil Pad
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Shu Recoil Pad.

This range of high quality shotgun recoil pads has been developed by Shu Equipment in Italy.
  • Give your shotgun a makeover with this new technically advanced product from Shu Equipment!
  • Available in a HUGE range of colours and combination of colours.
  • The Shu Equipment Recolor pad is extra “grippy” and the material exhibits very low wear patterns. (Other competitor products made from microcell can wear after one or two years).
  • Weight is significantly lower than that of many competitor products (up to 30%), and this allows for a better balance of the firearm.
  • Shu Recolorpad’s resistance to compression is class leading. The specially developed material possesses an elastic memory, which as the shot is fired, allows the pad to compress and absorb the recoil, but without bouncing back.
  • Conventional recoil pads;  even if they might feel soft to the touch, as the shot is fired, are completely crushed and thus cannot deaden the recoil in the same way.
  • Shu RecolorPad is 100% recyclable.
  • Suitable for all wooden stocks
  • Suitable for sporting clays and hunting shotguns and also some rifles

The Shu Recoil Pads have been developed by Italian Olympic Clay shooters the Shu pad represents the combination of Hi-Tech Materials and the makers shooting experience on the competitive circuit Lightweight, durable and made with high compression materials, the recolor pad effortlessly absorbs recoil whilst adding a touch of colour to your shotgun.

Light, tough and durable 30% lighter than vulcanised rubber Enhanced grip facilitated by particular EDM materials.

100% Recylable

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