Beretta 692 Sport Adjustable

Beretta 692 Sport Adjustable
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Beretta 692 Sport Adjustable 12G

Beretta 692 Sporting

The 692 is a totally new shotgun specifically designed to provide enhanced performance in competition shooting. Its the successful mix of tradition and technology, to provide better ballistics and ergonomics, together with the elegant design that makes this shotgun absolutely outstanding. Equally outstanding is the new look, in a perfect family-feeling with DT11. The 692 also benefits from an:

Elegant Wider Receiver

A competition O/U should have as much weight as possible in the receiver area, to provide higher stability before and after each shot. The receiver of the new 692 is wider than the 682 one. The final result is a segmentation which results in better shouldering and faster target acquisition. The receiver has been finished with a shiny polished profile on both the side plates and underside. This is then combined with outstanding black/gold engravings.

Soft Touch Opening Lever

The opening lever, for the first time ever, is overmolded with a soft-touch polymeric insert to give amazing “touch and feel” and grip.

Steelium Plus Barrels

Every Beretta barrel has a 3-part internal geometry: cylindric (chamber), conic and again cylindric. The length of the conic part has a strong impact on the performance of the barrel. At the beginning of the Steelium era, all the competition barrels had a similar profile (conic part ~ 65mm for a 76cm barrel). More recently, with the development of the new DT11, Steelium Pro defined a new standard for the competition barrels, lengthening the conic part to 480mm (76cm barrel). The Steelium Plus is the latest and final step in the Steelium segmentation, providing a significant improvement against the original 682 barrels. The Steelium Plus barrel provides a 5.5x longer conic profile than the 682 Steelium barrel, thus ensuring a significant improvement of the performance.


Standing for “Beretta Fast Adjustment System Technology”, BFAST is a system combining modular adjusting devices specifically designed for Beretta shotguns. Developed for the new DT11, the B-FAST system includes a strong adjustable comb device that improves dramatically on the previous memory system. Made of steel and aluminum, the B-FAST allows easy and reliable adjustment, together with the memory feature of the colored polymeric wads. Stronger, Easier to set and More adjustable.

B-FAST Balance

The B-FAST Balance system is a brand new adjusting device specifically designed to allow all the shooters to set their own, specific desired balance. The system allows you to customise the balance by mounting additional steel wads into the stock. The weight wads are placed as far as possible from the hinge pins, allowing the maximum balance correction for every unit of weight added to the stock. All the 692 are factory balanced, with additional wads included in the box, to allow each customer to (eventually) change the standard balance at their own convenience.

Stock Code cat01466
Gun Type Shotgun
Gun Make Beretta
Gun Model 692 Sport Adjustable
Orientation R/H Adjustable Stock
Calibre 12G
Mechanism Over and Under
Barrel Length 28"
Gun Style Sporting
Gun Condition New
Choke 1 M/C
Choke 2 M/C
Chamber 3"
Available in 28”

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